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Sylvie a hug to you and your Shadow from me and mine. My girl is doing well still. I do wish the vet had told me when we put her on metacam that when that stopped working for her we would move on to the Prednisone. I would have been able to save myself all the grief of planning to put her down this week if I had known there was a plan B. At least this time he told me there is no plan C ahead. But Sylvie as you know, at the age our Shadows are we are blessed with each day.

Shadow had a good night. Her bowel movements seem to be back to a controlled event. She goes on her walks like usual, which is good. Not knowing when she would need to go has been very difficult. Since she has severe s/a she comes everywhere with us, and not knowing when she would need to poop did create a lot of stress over taking her in the car.

When I talk to the vet today I will have to ask him about increasing the dosage of the Pred. if/when it seems its not working as well. I have learned so much about these things on this board. I can't thank all the members enough for sharing their personal experiences, it is invaluable to me as I travel this road with my girl. The road is not so dark when good friends light the way with their knowledge. to you all for your support.
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