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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Any time you see a sudden behavioral change like that, a vet visit is in order. Is she eating anything at all, or just not her treats? If she's not eating at all, then the vet visit becomes more urgent. Is she still drinking?
I agree 100%.

It could be a HEALTH issue.

Maybe she ate something bad?
spoiled / rotten raw meat?
raccoon poop in the backyard, etc?
toxic food?

Swallowed a hard object?
= clogged intestine

Make sure that your home is cool
and that she is DRINKING WATER.

If it's hot outside, don't let her stay outside for a long time.

Is she constipated?

Check if she's missing any teeth.

If she's not eating,
you might have to buy special food (soft food) from the vet
and force your dog to eat.

Dog constantly scratches ear / ear smells bad / dog is not active
= dog has ear infection

- See vet
- Make sure that your home feels cool (air conditioner or fan)
- Make sure that your dog stays out of the sun and the heat
- Make sure that your dog drinks water
- Make sure that your dog's nose feels moist
- Make sure that your dogs sleeps on a cool surface

If your dog's nose looks dry,
gently wet your dog's nose

If the weather is too hot and humid
Maybe put your dog in a pool or tub of cool water
- not a lot of water
- a little bit of cool water
- let your dog's paw pads become wet
- or use cold wet cloth to pat the dog's paw pads

If your dog is breathing weird
making weird breathing noises
- cool down your dog or go see vet

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