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My 12 mo old Mona is suddenly depressed!

Hi all,

Hoping that you can help me out!

My dog Mona, normally so playful and happy, refuses to play or eat treats. I take her outside and she barely runs or does anything. It's normally a battle to get her to do her business, but when we go for a walk it's now the first thing she does and she doesn't seem to want to see much else.

I can't really trace it to anything concrete. I had my wisdom teeth out two days ago, so I've been home resting and haven't been able to do much. There was a bad thunderstorm this morning and although it doesn't usually scare Mona, my other dog suffers from extreme anxiety when she knows there's a storm. My sister's not home today...?

I really have no idea! But it's horrible to see her like this! And it's hard not to take it personally.

Thanks for the help!
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