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I'm so happy to see that precious Shadow is doing better, DD!!

As for the prednisone, it will probably give her a HUGE appetite. I don't know what dose she is on, but Nookie started on a 60mg dose for 3 weeks, then dropped to 50mg daily for a month or so, then 40 and so on. He was ALWAYS hungry! Hence the really chubby pics of him lol. He slept a lot though. It didn't make him hyper at all. One thing, if she is on it for quite awhile and the dose is fairly high, she can get whats called "pred head". It's a wasting of the muscles on the skull and in the face. Nookie had it so bad that one vet diagnosed him with masicatory myositis and had us ready to let him put Nookie under so he could do a biopsy on his skull muscles , but we decided to speak with our specialist first. She said most vets aren't familiar with pred head and don't let them do anything until she could see him.

If that happens, just know that it's "normal" on higher, long term doses of pred and isn't harmful. She will just look like a conehead
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