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Shadow on Prednisone

Okay, so a quick update as she's only been on the pills now for 24 hours. They do seem to be helping her quite a bit. Her bowel issues seem to be resolved, she has had her bowel movements while out on her walks yesterday and today, yay! I slept much better last night not having to worry if it was going to be another messy night. It seems the nerves are transmitting to her brain again.

When she walks now she does not seem to be quite so stiff, there is a much more natural look to her leg movement. She also seems to be more alert. Now somebody told me that Pred. may keep her from sleeping. She's still sleeping fine under my desk at work, but when she's awake, she is very alert.

Her appetite is fine! I ran out of chicken livers this week and with her appt and such I haven't been able to get to the store that carries them, so I bought a couple cans of Pedigree at Safeway just so I could put a wee bit of wet stuff on top of her Taste of the Wild kibble. Well suffice it to say that she thinks this is just the best! She's eating way more food now than she was with the liver on top. Sometimes she'd just pick off the liver or not even touch it if she knew the kibble was there. As a result she has lost 2 lbs over the last two and a half months. Right now I put in twice as much kibble and a bit of the canned stuff and it's all gone. I don't think it's going to hurt her to have a bit of the junk if it gets her to eat more of the good stuff.

The vet will be calling me tomorrow (Friday) for an update. He did want me to check how her feet were doing with the thing where you put her back paw upside down and see if she fixes it. In his office she just left it upside down and that is not good, he says a healthy dog will immediately fix the foot. Halo fixes her feet when I do this to her. At the park at lunch today Shadow would not let me flip her foot over, she put it back right away, but when we returned to the office she just stood on it upside down. Oh well, I guess I can't have everything.

Anyhow, for today, I'm happy with the prednisone, and it's not expensive either, so that's just a bonus.
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