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September 2011 - Photo challenge - Song titles to photo shots

Got the idea from a post....has this ever been done? Song titles to photo shots? It will certainly get our thinking caps going.

It was done a while ago but It certainly gets my vote for a second round!
anyone else?

You could definitely be creative for this one! It would be fun

what about putting a spin on it??
posting a picture then someone else has to come up with a song to go with the picture

would be interesting
just an idea

oh I like that breeze, it would sure put a spin on it.....

Hmm not convinced about part B there Breeze as it adds an extra layer so every post requires 2 actions....which will reduce the posts.

That said if people wanted to post a second title to the title the OP chooses, that would still be fun.

merging suggestion posts now.
thx! marko
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