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Dentures 4 Dogs

I am trying to find some type of device to exstend the bottom jaw of my puppy. Let me explain why.
Bubba, see avatar Has a bad over bite. He is 6-mo old half Dachshund, and Golden Retriever. Where his TOP CANINES Start his BOTTOM JAW STOPS.
So from his front Canines forward on the top he has teeth and gum and everything but below that there is nothing but air..
He has learned how to eat. biting is a issue for him and I want to find out if there is a Doggy Dentist out there somewhere that can make him the correct bottom jaw he so deserves? So he can atleast bite when he needs to.
See he is allergic to FLEA BITES and is on Confortis Pill for it. So when the fleasbite him he tries to bite himself but cant..
Money is no object since his Pet Insurance will cover this Device...
Any clues as to where to find a PET DENTIST?
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