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Fibrizo also known as Brix, Fibrix, furry heart, etc <3 was taken to another city in the search of better medical attention and...
His mouth seems to be recovering, there has been no secretion.
He was tested for feline leukemia and turned negative.
Fibrix is around 5 years old but the problem has been around since he was like 3.
After I posted this some weeks after he was taken to the vet again but it just didn't work that's why about a month ago they decided (my sister and parents) to try a different city.
He was treated with steroids and antibiotics. He got a bath and a grooming session (with his mouth problem sometimes is painful for him to groom and he has long hair)
Side effects:
On his way back home (by car) he peed with blood and that never happened before.
The blood stopped next day. My sister kept him in her room with a litter tray and spent the most time possible with him to make sure how the pee problem was doing. No more blood
He was given a special diet. And Brix continues his medical treatment.

I know the thread is old but knowing that you usually take the time and care to reply to these problems at least an update to know what happened :3
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