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Jack is a girl.

And just to clarify, only two of my cats have died from the road. One of them 11 to12 yrs. Now maybe one or two have been backed over as kittens, but accidents happen.

Only two have died for medical reasons. We don't know what those were as the sicknesses took one within minutes and the other within a few hours. No time for a vet even if we could afford one.

I do not fix my cats because it's extra money I do not have nor do my parents. And I just prefer not to. If my boys leave, then they leave. My dad has saw them around from time to time, so some still live and are buff mocho men now.

Where I live no one without door cats has them live and at home into the twenties unless it's a big rough male. People prefer dogs or shoot/run over cats for sport. I'm lucky to be off the main road and tucked into woods where cars weren't a big issue until the boys down the road got trucks.

Just to note, I never give my cats big bones. Nor do my dogs get small bones.

And I will admit as far as animal values go, I do have an older fashion way of thinking. My animals are happy and rarely show signs of sickness. That is what matters to me. They keep the rodents, moles, lizards, and birds under control as nature intended. And I have watched them eat a good many. They know how to survive; I think that's how animals were meant to be raised so if anything happens to us, they will be alright.
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