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Welcome to the board mybestfriends. Sorry you pup is having these issues. I'm not sure about the protein content in BB, but I found when my two older dogs were on a very high protein diet this caused loose stools for them. Also anything that was too oily would cause this also. I've never given mine bully sticks so I can't comment on that, not sure how oily they are. Something else to consider even with good food is that if you are feeding too much food you will get soft stools. You may want to try just reducing her food by a small amount and see if it helps. Pumpkin (100% pure, not pumpkin pie filling) does work for loose stools or constipation. You can give a tablespoon with each meal. My lab will eat it plain though. That said, while it is a great tool for fixing up the occasional upset, it should not be used until you are certain there are no underlying issues causing the upset. You don't want to hide a medical condition with pumpkin. Good luck to you.
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