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Series of ailments- advice?

Over this summer our 11 year old cocker spaniel has had a series of problems, when on their own they don't seem like much but now they're tallying up. She's become increasingly affectionate since we returned from a two week holiday abroad, we think that's just because she missed us. We took our two dogs on a walking holiday which I think our senior found quite hard so we slowed up on walks. She became tired quite quickly but also stopped eating, she almost had a panic attack at home in which she was wheezing quite violently- we stopped it by holiding her very close and comforting her for about 10 minutes and since then there hasn't been a repeat. This morning she woke up with extremely droopy eyes, she had surgery this year to correct ingrowing lashes and we manually provide tears for her eyes, following the vets description. She seems absolutely fine apart from that, very happily pottering around the garden. But we also found some sick which we think was hers. She's back to eating, not her normal amount (she leaves at least half of it in the bowl) but she does have two meals a day as our other cocker suffered from AIHA and the affects of the medication means that she needs two meals a day to keep her acidity levels low. Should we be worried or is this all due to being an older dog?
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