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Kona has a bump on her nose.

Hi. Our 6 1/2 year old shepherd/rottie mix, Kona has a large bump on her snout. We first noticed this several days after she banged something (?) on the car door. This was about June 27. We took her to the vet to have her stitches taken out for an unrelated surgery and the vet saw the bump. He checked it out briefly and wasn't sure what it was, although he ruled out an abcessed tooth. He told us to "watch it". We left the country for two weeks and came back and it's still there. (mid July). In the meantime, we had to put our OTHER old dog to sleep :-( and so we kind of back burnered Kona. We called the vet again (about two weeks ago) and told him the bump was still there and he suspects cancer. Not what we need to hear right now.!!!! She is not sneezing, there is no bleeding and the bump doesn't seem to be growing. There is no discharge. She does have some "eye boogers", but she has had this issue all of her life. Nothing new. The bump doesn't appear to bother her. We touch it and it doesn't appear to hurt her. It is hard, immobile and feels like a bone growth. Vet #1 (her regular vet) wants to Xray it. Vet #2 (her orthopedic vet) suggests a CT scan. Vet #3 (homeopathic vet) suggests a biopsy. We will be calling our regular vet again tomorrow for a consultation, but I'm curious if anyone has seen this before. It's about 2 cm x 3cm on the left side of her snout. Give me good news and some "other" options, please.
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