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All of it!

I didn't see anything on your list you wouldn't want to feed a cat or dog.

My old alpha male (Al Cat) absolutely loved deer meat, specially the guts and skin. He was all up under the carcass while Dad skinned the deer. He was worse than the dogs getting blood all over him! Bwahahaha. So adorable.

He also loved any kind of fish (usually catfish, brim, and maybe bass) and shrimp (oh he loved some shrimp tails and shells).

The only thing I've never given a cat is a large bone. I give the dogs the large bones and the cats the smaller ones.

But I will say I'm not a "follower" of the "raw" diet. I thought all people fed their dogs and cats raw meats until I met my college roommate.

Feeding my animals raw foods and scraps is part of my upbringing. Never had an animal turn down scraps or raw meats. And they all have the prettiest coats you ever did see and have lived for years at time and as outdoor animals at that. I know cats are said to have shorter lives if they live outdoors, but Al Cat and Molly lived to 10 to 12 years apiece. Now I have had cats leave on their own, but that has to do with neutering/spraying, which I don't do.

Good luck, your baby will be licking his lips and begging for more.
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