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Just wanted to send hugs, and gentle pats for shadow. I'm sure she's just as frustrated by all this as you are. Poor girl.
I also wanted to add a note, my ruby has to have pumkin ever so often to fend off constipation (when her back is really hurting, she holds her poo, and then gets constipated because she's held it).....and she REFUSES to eat it.
I find that if I put a LITTLE bit of penut butter (just to make is smell penuty)..and warm it up for a few seconds....stir it....
she GOBBLES it gladly.
I've tried just warming it..but she wont touch it unless I make is "smell" like penut butter.
Just thought you could give it a try.

PS: wish that they could make a "pumpkin" filled treat, or suppliment..or something that you could just give your pup when needed.
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