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I've been fighting with the vet and tech's when it regards this assumed infection. I know first hand of what antibiotics can do to animals and humans, but he pressed my mother into it.

Yes, they used convenia. After reading your link, it makes me sick.

Tobi was put on Mirtazapine, and the vet said she should start to eat by tonight, early tomorrow.

We've given her Friskies, salmon (human variety), baby food, and she turns her nose up to it. We heated her cat food and she threw it up last week. She hasn't thrown up lately, but that may be due to her almost empty stomach. Even when we gave her other cat food she'd eat a good chunk of it, but the next day she wouldn't be interested.

The point to keeping her on her normal food is due to past issues with switching other foods immediately. She usually gets sick if we don't slowly introduce new foods to her.

When we tried to encourage her to eat, or assist her in eating by spoon, she wouldn't look at the food after. Would refuse to go near it, as if it was poison.

Sugar, I agree with assisted eating. Vet said not to, but I'm doubting his judgement now.
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