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It was a shot to ease stomach upset. I can't remember the name of it.

We haven't given her probiotics yet, we're looking into it right now. When we noticed her limping, due to her spinal arthritis, she was sleeping more often. Which we thought would be normal for a cat if she's in pain.

The vet saw her again this morning because he was worried about her not eating. She was given an antibiotic injection because of her urinary infection (blood in urine). She was also given a stimulant pill.

Over the last week and a half we've offered her other food she's eaten in the past, even friskies to see if she'd eat anything. She usually doesn't eat wet food, but we had to start giving it to her because she's on Cosequin. We've kept her on the Chicken Soup dry food.

But in the past she has had problems from switching from one food to another. So we're keeping her on the food she was on before her health issues.

She ate a little bit of her wet food when we came home, but certainly not much. She's accustomed to eating about cup of dry food throughout the day.

Vet said that we shouldn't push her to eat, force feed or anything, to see if the pill will help her. We don't have much options. We have a $300+ bill, spent over $400 already. Our next options are to put her on IV fluids to perk her up, do another blood test to see if she has something else attacking her system or put her down. Which is the LAST option I'd choose.
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