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I just wanted to run this by anyone here to see if I should more concerned than I am.

Since taking Tobi off her antibiotics she still hasn't been eating much. Early this week she didn't eat at all, then in the last few days she's been eating very little kibble and wet food. We've seen a little change from the amount she's been eating, but clearly she isn't back to normal.
We took her to the vet again and they gave her the equivalent of gravol to settle her stomach. The doctor said since she isn't throwing up the little amounts of food that she's eating then her lack of appetite was caused by the antibiotics, which we've seen before.
She's still limping around, getting up, drinking, purring, going the bathroom, and we haven't seen her energy levels drop at all. Since this fiasco started she's been sleeping more.

The vet said this may take a long time for her to get back to normal. I'm just concerned of her nutrition levels at this time. She only eats about less than a hand full of kibble and not even 1/4 a can of wet food. I think it's aversion to her food. She believes it made her sick and she doesn't want it.

What are your thoughts on this?
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