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Originally Posted by kmoose View Post
"Human Grade" meat is the one that always gets me. Dogs are not human. So why do they need "Human Grade" meat? Left to their own devices they eat garbage, cigarette butts, and even their own...well, you get my point. I worry that channelling human grade food to the 50 million dogs in the United States per year is driving up human food prices. Not to mention millions of starving people in the world that can't get food while the dogs of America dine like kings (and likely better than many of their owners).
This may seem very unimportant and even frivilous to you, but to both of my boys (and I'm sure thousands of others), it could mean the difference between being healthy or getting very ill/dying. My old boy has no immune system due to the cancer/chemo and our "baby" who is a year and a half old now has almost no immune system. Human grade means everything to them both. Things that dogs with a healthy immune system can easily tolerate could kill either of mine, not to mention parasite load. They don't have what it takes to fight off the "bad" stuff. So if someone such as yourself thinks it's bad to feed their dogs good food, or feed them like "kings", then so be it. It isn't out of your pocket. And the vet bills associated with feeding them cheap food isn't either. Again, I'm not tyring to be disrespectful, but I couldn't disagree with your way of thinking any more than I do at this point. You're right, they are not human, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be treated with any less care, love or respect. Animals are by far more loving, forgiving and innocent than the majority of people I have ever known. Just my
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