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I wonder if buying power "volume" has anything to do with it.

Even if the food is made in Canada, there's 10 times more Americans than Canadians. So a store buying 1000 bags of food will get a better deal than a store that buys 100. This is why wall mart rules the world - volume. But even walmarts have different prices based on location in the same country and across differenet countries.

Not sure at all if Petco is a franchise or if Petco buys all the food from the same place. But even if they buy from the same place there 'must' be other factors influencing the pricing.

I guess what i'm saying is, is that there must be a "real" reason for this large price difference....and it's impossible that the answer is greed because there is always someone that will work for 5-10% markup and these price differences are way more than that.

In this day and age, if any Canadian business could buy cheaper and sell cheaper to get this type of prices difference (Royal Canin Medium 25 6 lb - $12.99 USA (Petsmart), $20.99 Canada (petsmart) you can bet your sweet dog paws they would.
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