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Myka, you make an excellent point. Part of the issue is that pet owners may not be aware that excessive itching, shedding, etc is a symptom of an underlying issue. And at times that can be connected to the food they are eating.

I personally have a lot of reservations about the "holistic" pet food category, some of which I outlined above. Most importantly my biggest concern is that the benefits of this diet are largely anecdotal, and not necessarily based on science or research. Similar to the desire to shop at "Whole Foods" to get the best food for your family - sometimes branding and conjecture can get in the way of science.

That being said, I do feed some holistic food to my dog, and some what I would call high end commercial pet food. I have found the holistic brands to be hit or miss, whereas she seems to adapt to the commercial brands much easier. Again, I am talking about Royal Canin specifically here, and not the Ol Roys of the world. I recongnize that those brands are just processed chemicals and there is no way that can be good for anyone. But I think brands like Eukanaba, Science Diet, Techni-Cal, Purina Pro Plan, and the like are suitable foods should your dog react positively to it.
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