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Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
thoughts....I won't go into a petsmart store, we have one being built right now in our city and I refuse to go in it, not only do they sell live animals but they have breed discrimination.

I do know that I go cross border shopping and will buy my dogs treats states side at a much better price
What is Breed discrimination?

I don't mind one of my local Petsmarts, the other is horrible. We have PetValu (expensive!) and Global Pet Foods (don't like these stores - food snobs) as well.

Also we have a Bark and Fitz, which is a high end food and accessory store. Yet their prices are lower than Global, they do a buy 10 get the 11th free on ALL brands, and even though they are boutique they are hardly food snobs and very helpful. I get my Canidae and now Merrick from them (when I don't buy it stateside) , and used to get my Acana/Orijen there as well. Plus my dog gets groomed there for perhaps the best price and workmanship in town! I highly recommend them.
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