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Canada / US Price differences

I made a comment in another thread about Royal Canin's price differences...typically their food is 40% higher priced in Canada than the USA. This is PetSmart to PetSmart.

So I thought I'd add a couple that I've seen and see if all brands face this problem:

Royal Canin Medium 25 6 lb - $12.99 USA (Petsmart), $20.99 Canada (petsmart)
30lb - $42.99 USA $59.99 Canada

Iams Adult (Green Bag) 15lb - $14.99 USA (Target) $22.99 Canada (WalMart)
Merrick Cowboy Casserole 15lb - $26.99 USA (PetCo) $39.99 Canada (PetValu)

If you go to PetCo's website you can price a lot of foods including some of the higher end brands like BlueBuffalo, Merrick, Merrick BG, Innova, etc as well as the standard fare. The products are usually Identical, often made in Canada!, and there is anywhere from a 25% to 50% markup in Canada. The Royal Canin is the one that got me thinking as the last 30lb bag I bought in the USA was stamped "Made in Canada" and had the identical package including the English, French and Spanish writing on it, and both Metric and Imperial Weights, that you get here.

Thoughts? Personally I buy food whenever I am in the states but not everyone lives 20 minutes from the border.
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