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Originally Posted by renegaderuby View Post
I hate that she is on hills as I know its not the "best" food in the world...but given the vet said its an absolute must (and its working with her kidneys as well)...I tollerate it.
I just wanted to add my two cents that on a lower protien seems to have helped "stinky" issues. I also noticed her body smell is not as "musty" when she's dirty.
I am no expert on pet nutrition but from years of owning dogs, I can say that the "best" food is one that your pet does well on. Good energy, good disposition, minimal itching, etc. If that happens to be Dog Chow, then so be it.

Heck, I fed my dogs "Gainsburger" in the past (remember "looked" like a hamburger patty) and they loved was probably just a plate of chemicals, but one of my dogs lived to 14 on it and was put down due to sudden blindness that he couldn't adapt to.

I am sure that people who rally against Science Diet, Royal Canin, and especially Dog Chow, Pro Plan, Iams etc are well intentioned. But the reality is the majority of pets eat commercially produced non holistic dog food and live happy healthy lives.

They are domestic dogs, not wolves, and are not genetically identical to wolves. Working dogs live a life closer to their wolf cousins and SHOULD be on Orijen, TOTW, or even a raw/BARF diet. Ironically though in many parts of Canada (ie: the far north) these foods aren't even available and working dogs - ie Sled Dogs - eat table scraps, throw aways from a hunt that humans would never eat, and usually some dry kibble thrown in...and typically the cheapest you can get since you are feeding 20 dogs. But the lazy furry carpet like object currently laying on your feet is hardly a working dog.

"Human Grade" meat is the one that always gets me. Dogs are not human. So why do they need "Human Grade" meat? Left to their own devices they eat garbage, cigarette butts, and even their own...well, you get my point. I worry that channelling human grade food to the 50 million dogs in the United States per year is driving up human food prices. Not to mention millions of starving people in the world that can't get food while the dogs of America dine like kings (and likely better than many of their owners).
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