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WOW I can't believe it but yesterday I was finally able to get the Fortekor down the little biter's throat. Again this morning he took it without a problem. Not sure what changed but he actually took it willingly without a fuss. He's still been taking his Buscopan about every second day without any hassle at all, but I give it to him twice a day, that may be the difference, he didn't want to take 2 pills at once. However, I have only tried Fortekor in the mornings because I wanted my vet to be around if he reacted to the Fortekor if./when he finally took it. Hurray, no reaction at all. So from now on he'll be getting his Fortekor in the morning and if necessary his Buscopan when he asks for it.

He has not been wheezing so I still am holding on giving him an inhaler. Not sure what caused his change in attitude but I'm sure glad he changed.

As for food I am just finishing up the Urinary SO and I'm going to try to switch him completely to Medi-Cal Lo Protein wet food. He has been eating small amounts of it as long as I add Uba Vet to the top of his food. I started adding that Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM product about 2 weeks ago. He also has been eating all the other wet foods I've been putting out for the others, which is not good because I am giving Smokey kitten food to try to put some weight on him and Sam certainly does not need the weight. My vet suggested switching all cats to the same food so that I can monitor both Sam and Smokey's eating patterns but I am not sure I want to do that yet. Maybe Sam feels better with the Uba Vet and that's why he decided to take the Fortekor finally....who knows...

Thanks everyone for all your help with this, especially growler who gave me so much help to try to get the Fortekor down him.
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