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Hi Breeze, really right now it's the incontinence thing mostly. We've had some really nice weather so her arthritis has been behaving nicely. I just remember when we first started with this issue (the arthritis) it all came up because she couldn't walk one day, she kept falling over. The vet said she had swelling in her spine that probably was cutting off the circulation in her legs. He did not suggest, or do, xrays or anything, just based on the fact of her advanced age and arthritis issues. I mentioned to him at the time that she would sometimes poop right in the middle of the road when we were out walking. He gave me a funny look but didn't offer any opinions. So I'm thinking that the incontinence could be from arthritis in her spine area. I'm not sure that doing xrays is really going to tell us anything more than we know, she's very old and has arthritis. Anyhow, I'm inclined like you said to wait until next week unless it gets worse. Will look up traumeel you mentioned. Tks.
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