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Shadow is having incontinence issues

Well Shadow has started to have problems with her bowels. She seems to be starting to show signs of incontinence. The last few days she has pooped under my desk at work, right in a corner, and I've never even noticed her getting up, I honestly think it's just happening when she's asleep. Today she didn't go while we were walking, and when she jumped into the back seat of the car she pooped. Boy was she upset! We have a good doggy seat cover/protector so it was no big deal, but I'm afraid it's not a good sign. Just the exertion of jumping into the car and turning around was enough to trigger it. I think the arthritis may be affecting her spine and her nerves now. Will be taking her to the vet tonight to talk to him about our options. I don't know if trying Tramadol or some other med might help. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I'm open to it all. I do know though that if she does become incontinent we will not go with diapers, we will make the decision to put her down as it is clearly a sign that her body is failing her. So throw me some suggestions friends, I don't want to go the other way if I don't have to yet.
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