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I hear you on the stings. I'm allergic to ANYTHING that stings or pinches. The bite swells up three times bigger than any "normal" human being, and it HURTS. not just a ouch I got stung...a oh my god chop off my foot kinda feeling. It also sometimes gives me fever and usually a "rash" around the site. I am the "queen" of inscect repellant. if there is a mosquito five miles away it will come find me and bite me.
Our family game is "count the mosquito bites on >>>>me". Game.
Once they hit 22 I tell them to shut up, I dont want to know.
I once got stung right above my eyelid. Eye swelled shut for a week. THAT was fun.
We do not know what it was that stung me. But I pray to god that never happens again.

sorry. side tracked.
Still laughing at you. I can just see you with the sprayer hose....die, die you hornets. and then dripping wet mess later, as you are cleaning it up you mumble under your breath "*%)*%) hornets"
but I could be wrong
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