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The dog is obviously becoming stressed due to new surroundings and being left alone. Some dogs simply need time to get into the routine which may take 2-3 months. Some dogs find it helpful to have a bit more space when left alone. This gal NEEDS to be exercised and emptied out of energy and toiletries before being left alone.
As renegaderuby said there is no set answer it will vary dog to dog. My doxie is similar we tried leaving him in kennels and he became traumatized by being left in a cage. Before we got him at the SPCA he was in a petstore and spent a lot of his life in a cage, likely very frustrated. Once we moved to a new apartment with no carpet be just made the couch safe and closed the room doors and left him loose. He made a few mistakes at first being anxious about a new environment and remembering the anxiety he felt by being kenneled previously but after 4 months he seems much better.

Tell them to try exercising her, making sure she is toileted and give her something to occupy herself with and see if that helps.
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