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LOL, cracking up at you. (I dont care if I feed them, I just dont want em in the jar) LOL.
sorry. I know its not exactly funny...its just....I dunno. I'm very tired tonight. sorry. (either that I'm easily amused). Oh congrats on the humming birds. we have two feeders up and last year we had about 15 or so. I didnt think we had that many but , my husband looked over at our flowering pear tree and started counting the ones that would be still long enough. he got to about 15 before they starting changing shifts.
My mom has a feeder up and she gets TONS of hbirds. She had me stand RIGHT next to a feeder, the little things were not miffed by me at all, they sat and drank anyways.
my husband still picks on I put WAY too much sugar (before i started getting the nectar stuff) into the sugar water solution. we had some "very very hyper aka drunk" humming birds. THEY WERE VERY HAPPY those two days. LOL.
I'm not allowed near the sugar now.
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