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Yes it is a shame. As annoying as it is for us, it is very very stressful and hardER on the pups themselves. And I'm not a seperation anxiety expert. I've heard all sorts of solutions. Best thing your friend can do is GOOGLE. But be wary of any that claim if you send money , they will send you a solve all problem fixer to the problem.
Because there is no SOLVING it, it is managable. But its USUALLY a life long problem, and if it is just a momentary stress reaction to being recently uprooted and rescued...its still a mental thing. some people put thier pets on doggie valum for lack of a better word. I find just some technices of not making a big deal out of goodbyes and hellos, a routine, and things to keep pup busy in his "alone" place....helps a great deal.
Good luck...I'm sure your friend will find lots of "healthy" alternatives to drugs for cute pup..and she'll settle in in no time.
Ps: not saying anyone that has to medicate thier animal is wrong. Just saying there are so many alternatives to try first. Thats all I mean.
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