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Sorry I hadn't seen this thread till now. I don't come to this site much any more.
First off - what is your cat eating? Wet or dry? If dry I would suggest not feeding it while your cat is sick. Or ever for that matter. This site will help explain why -
You may need to try a variety of different canned foods in order to find one smelly enough that peaks his interest. That includes Wellness, Natures' Variety, Performatrin, Fancy Feast, etc. Hopefully one will be strong enough to help. You could try opening a can of tuna (make sure it does not have vegetable broth or soy in it as soy can cause seizures in cats). Just the juice of the tuna or the tuna itself may help kitty start eating. Sardines sometimes work but largely my cats turn their noses up at it.
If you can not get the cat eating canned foods it is essential you start syringe feeding. Kitten Wellness makes a great canned food which can be mixed with a bit of water to make it thin enough to be sucked up a syringe (no needle of end of course). Holding the kitty gently but firmly insert the syringe into the side of the kitty's mouth and slowly syringe a small amount into his mouth. It will take a while to get the hang of this. You may also want to wrap the kitty in a towel to avoid those sharp claws.
It is also important that the cat does not get dehydrated. Ask your vet about SubQ's and also ask how to do it yourself at home. That will save you some trips to the vets if you can do it on your own.
What meds is the cat on? If it is liquid form you can use the same method as you would for feeding to give the meds. If it is pill form it is very important once the pill is down that you syringe some water, also through the side of the mouth so the cat doesn't aspirate, down the cat's throat. The pill is dry and may get stuck part way down the throat. Not to mention it can also scratch the lining of the throat.
Hope you check in soon. I'm crossing my fingers your cat gets better soon.
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