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Originally Posted by Sibby View Post
Her appetite is low and she isn't eating since she threw up her pill three nights ago.
Are you saying that Tobi hasn't eaten in 3 or 4 days? If that's the case, this is a medical emergency and she needs to go to the vet immediately. Is she still on the antibiotics (which one?)? What was the reason for them? Cats are prone to digestive issues while taking antibiotics and if there isn't an obvious infection making them necessary, you should talk to the vet about discontinuing them. I'd also recommend some probiotics to help replenish the good intestinal bacteria that have probably been wiped out. But first it's extremely important that she eat or she's at risk of life-threatening liver damage. Offer her anything, not just cat food. Try plain chicken baby food, canned salmon, sardines, boiled chicken, cat treats, plain yogurt, whatever it takes to jumpstart her appetite. She may need an appetite stimulant from the vet if she doesn't eat enough on her own.
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