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My family objected to the food. Our vet knows we are against his kind of food. She's been on it once before for a different matter, and she became violently ill because of it.

However, I think having a lower phosphorous in her diet may help her kidneys. But I've only done basic research as of yet, not nearly enough.

We'll be looking into homopathic remedies. I'm not sure how safe or effective it will help Tobi if she has injections. The arthritis is bad at the base of her spine and tail. Poor thing is finding it difficult to walk.

Currently she's on Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul adult light, kibble and moist. She hasn't thrown up on it since we've put her on it about two years ago.

But in the last three days she's been throwing up. The vet believes it's due to the antibiotics she's on. Again, last time she was on antibiotics she got ill too. Her appetite is low and she isn't eating since she threw up her pill three nights ago.

Once she gets her appetite back, hopefully, we'll switch her to moist entirely.
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