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Thanks Chico! She has a real sweetheart personality. Very cuddly, and would be a lap dog if she could! She will sneak up on our beds if no one is watching.

I considered returning Roxy when I was having protection issues with her. I have a lot going on in my life right now (starting up my own business), and really didn't expect to or want to have to deal with behavior issues. The thought of what would happen to her guilted me into keeping her and I am happy that I did!

In order of tallest and lankiest to shortest there are Am Staff Terriers, Am Staff Bull Terriers, and English Staff Terriers. Since most of these breeds can be crossbred with APBTs and still be registered as APBTs it really has made the breeds all wishy washy! I don't have any registration papers for her, but her records all the way back to the SPCA say "American Staffordshire Bull Terrier". The rescue group thinks that is correct. Who knows?
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