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Clean teeth, stinky breath, high protein

Our two dogs were eating Nutro and Iams when we got them (different times), and one now deceased was eating Nutro when younger. All three of them had surprisingly almost entirely odor-free breath. All three of them were switch over to Orijen adult (different times) using the Eagle Pack digestive enzymes powder to help the switch. Eventually I added in fish oil, Tripett, and plain yogurt. All three of them developed really stinky breath very quickly after the switch...maybe a week? Not a fishy smell, more of a rotting carcass smell. They have all always had clean teeth from veterinary cleanings. No teeth brushing, but I did get some teeth gel to try out from the vet called Maxi/Guard OraZn.

I have 4 more cans of Tripett, then I am going to cut it out for a couple weeks to see if it is contributing to the stinky breath. I'm going to cut out the fish oil this week to see about that. I'm pretty sure it is the Orijen more than anything. Someone suggested to me that all brands of high protein kibbles can/will cause stinky breath, and suggested adding raw meaty bones to help clean the mouth. I always add water to the food - enough to cover the kibble - as I understand this helps to flush any unused protein from the system making the high protein easier on the kidneys. No idea how true that is...

I'm considering switching to Acana kibble, but would miss the wholesale prices I pay for the Orijen.

Is it the high-protein or is it Orijen in particular? Do dogs on other brands of high protein kibble have the same problem? Why does this happen?

What else could it be? Any suggestions?
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