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Question New cat owner question

Hey, all. I am new to this site and also relatively new to cat ownership/care. My cat was adopted through the local animal shelter and about 24 hours after we took him home he started exhibiting symptoms of Feline URI. We brought him back to the vet at the shelter who prescribed a medication for him that appears to be working. However, he still isn't eating.<p>

<p>Here are my two questions. First, any tricks to getting him to take his medicine? He doesn't like this at all and frankly neither do I. We are having zero fun. My second question is this; because cats only eat what they can smell and right now, being congested, Smokey cannot smell, can you recommend anything with a really strong odor that might entice him? Thanks in advance for your help.

This morning and I am told most of yesterday, Smokey is not eating or drinking. Please help

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