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Originally Posted by Sibby View Post
Well the doctor put her on Cosequin
Some other things you can do for arthritis: Adequan injections, acupuncture, weight reduction if necessary, heated pet beds, steps to help her get up and down from furniture, homeopathic remedies like Traumeel, Zeel, or arnica.

Originally Posted by Sibby View Post
and she'll have to go on Royal Canin reduced protein for her kidneys.
I strongly recommend not feeding this poor quality food. It's outdated and erroneous thinking that cats should be fed less protein when they have renal insufficiency (based on studies of rats from over 50 years ago). Unfortunately kidney diets are a huge money-maker for the prescription pet food industry (it's what started the whole veterinary "food as a drug" concept in the first place) and for vet clinics, so this ideology won't be going away anytime soon. What you want is good quality animal protein (so no by-products and no plant protein) and lots of moisture (ie: no kibble). Dry food is particularly harmful to kidneys, amongst many other feline organs. What does your cat eat now?
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