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Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
also, if there is milk dripping from the teats, smear it on the teat itself, wet a pups mouth with some to get him licking, then put him on the teat with the milk smeared on it, usually that will stimulate them enough to get them suckling
I did do that lastnight while I was there and they are all nursing except one. The vet was out this morning and said all pups seem to be doing good except that one that refused to latch on so he called his wife who also works at his office and she took the pup and is going to try feeding it through out the day and if it goes well she will bring the pup back to see what happens. The mother seems to be very needy. I went to the office in the barn to make coffee and I could hear her cry. Even when a cat passed through she would whine to get it's attention. The one cat loves dogs so he would go over and rub all over the mother and she seems to have really enjoyed that. The cat even layed with the puppies and the mother was fine with that. The vet was a little concerned about her behavior so he took a blood and stool sample. He estimated her to be around 14 months old so he said that could explain her behavior.
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