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Glad you guys are doing well but sorry about the digestive and worm issues. I hope Nookie continues to improve!

When I first purchased THK, I thought that there was no way my dogs would like it. It just seemed too green but maybe it's the addition of the meat that makes it more appealing. I tried it myself and it is a little bitter and grass like with the alfalfa but I have had no issues with their digestion so feel it is helping in that department.

Timber is doing well, still continues to have some hind leg shakiness but I contribute that to some nerve damage from the tick disease. I did find a fully engorged deer tick in June on our floor. Test results came back negative for Lyme and Anaplasma so that was good but I am obviously taking them to an area where I am picking up ticks. I have crossed a few parks off my list due to my paranoia but it has been really hot this summer so we have been sticking close to home and enjoying more leisurely, senior paced, on-leash walks. I think everyone will be glad when winter comes (I can't believe i just said that).

Hope you guys had a good summer!
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