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Do you have carpet in your home? I have a shih tzu that had allergies until I ripped every stinking carpet out of my house. You might want to get rid of any air fresheners, use vinegar and water to clean and get rid of anything scented. Like fabric softener, candles etc. An air purifier would be a good investment also. Also the pollen there is different then you old home, so try to limit his out doors activities. If you have to let him use pee pads, let him. If it is a pollen allergy, I would rather have mine do his stuff in the house. You can get fake grass for him to go on. Has your vet suggested a real allergy test yet? I would recommend that would be done. That way you know for sure what he is allergic to. As for the bump near his penis, totally normal. LOL How do I know? I took mine to the vet and had him look. I got laughed out of the office...
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