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Hey SW!!! Hope everything is going well with you guys! How is Timber doing? And thanks for replying
Both Thorin and Nookie are on THK now. I use the Preference and half ground beef, half wild pink salmon. It's a good food for cancer dogs and has done wonders for both Thorin and Nookies tummy troubles
Nookie was at the point where he was spitting up several times a day. He would be running around, playing, then all of a sudden he would burp and up came whatever happened to be in his tummy. They thought he had Megaesophagus, so we went for x-rays etc, but they didn't find anything. Since we have switched to THK, he hasn't spit up even once

He is having tummy troubles atm, but it's due to other issues. He has hookworms and whipworms right now and has really bad diarrhea. He was vomiting a lot yesterday, but none so far today
The vet thinks it could be a reaction to the HG, his new herb, worm load and possibly (the one vet thinks "probably") he ate something and has a partial blockage. We're just on a wait and watch for now. But he's been a little monster, so he's feeling better
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