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Hi Rgeurts -- Haven't been here for awhile. The summer sure is going fast. I noticed this post -- I've been feeding the Honest Kitchen since the Spring. I usually give a kibble breakfast and then use the preference with meat at dinner. Our dogs seem to really enjoy it and they seem to digest it well, mind you, I do see the flecks of some of the veggies and other greens come out in their poop but they have had perfectly formed poop while on this food so I have been happy. I also tried Force, Embark and Zeal. They seemed to like the Force but weren't too keen on Embark. Zeal was okay -- it is the most expensive but has a higher protein with the fish. That one doesn't get as thick when you mix it up because it has no potato. I ordered a few boxes from a site called You have to pay 9.99 shipping but they were cheaper than our local store and you can sign up for e-mail coupons so that can help as well. I hope everything is going well for you and your guys.
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