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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Have you ever tried to change his food to see if he has any food allergies? Maybe if you tired to eleiminate things like grains and chicken to start off with and see if there is any improvement.

I would have the vet check the penis area and see whats might not be an emergency but I would have it checked out.

Would love to see some pics if you would like to share!
Hi, thanks for the reply.

My concern about the food is that he's on the K/D diet because of his kidneys So far we're managing to maintain his kidneys from deteriorating, but I'm concerned if I take him off the food his blood values will start to decline

He has to go back for a check to see if the allergy medications are working, and the blood test for his kidney values are due within the next week or so, so I guess I'll ask there. The vets here are just so so expensive even to be seen, and very often they don't give the answers. We've been struggling with allergies for him since February or so and it's just not got better - this is the third vet we've gone to and they all do the same thing, which is not much.

But I'll keep trying, thanks for that. Thought I'd ask here first, tho. If you think of anything important to ask re: these problems that might lead to a result let me know!

Added some pictures of my child just for you

Great quotes in your signature. How do you add those?

thanks again for the kind advice, always appreciated!
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