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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Welcome! What kind of meds is your boy on? are they vet prescribed or over the counter?

What do you feed him? alot of allergy's can be traced back to foods?

As for the lump is your dog neutered? sometimes one of the testicals doesnt drop down when they are puppies and I am wondering if thats what your feeling. There is a certain word for this but I can remember what its called.
Thanks for the kind Welcome, Winston!

Elmer is on Benazapril for his kidneys, and he eats the K/D diet wet food for tea and crunchy food for breakfast.

for his allergies, he takes Ucerax (hydroxyzine hydrocloride) tablets. I'm not sure they have them in the States? he was getting benadryl 3 times a day but that didn't touch it so the vet wanted him on this.

He is neutered, yes. the knot is at the base of the penis. To be honest, it might have been there the whole time... I don't spend a lot of time looking at his penis, so it could just be something that has always been there and I'm just oblivious.
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