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Unhappy advice - 2 problems with shih-tzu

Hey all!

So problem 1 - ever since we moved to our new city (I'm in England) both mine and my 7 year old shih-tzu's allergies have been out of control. he's getting constant eye infections and he's so miserable.He's on allergy meds but they don't seem to be doing much, so we do have to go back yet again for it. I was thinking of getting an air purifier/steriliser, but they're quite expensive - has anyone had any good experience with these?hor found home remedies that help ease the symptoms? i don't mind spending the money for the air purifier if I know it will help, but 160 is a lot of money to waste if it doesn't help. Has anyone had a similar problem? I know it's our city because I've been getting horrible migraines and allergies since I moved here. We can't move away. I just hate seeing him so miserable any and all comments would be welcome to helping ease the symptoms!

problem 2 - when I was giving my boy a belly rub this morning I noticed a sort of knot or small marble-sized ball near his penis. it's not always there, just when he's in a certain position. When I checked it he didn't react in pain and he hasn't acted like this is painful or anything. So I don't know anything about anatomy. Is this a normal thing or is this something that could be a growth and need to be checked out?

Any advice/suggestions/etc will be welcome, please ask questions if you need clarification on anything. thanks! xx
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