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Sorry for the very brief introduction yesterday, but it was the end of they day, I was quite tired.

I am a member of several groups of animal activists, though the term of rescuers would be more appropriate. We do generate and sign quite a few petitions and letters to various authorities, worldwide, but we mostly rescue dogs and try to find them a forever home. I should not take this much credit, I just make regular donations, pass on information to as many people as I can, and communicate with private shelters in France to try to place Greekkies (Greek dogs)

My 2 lovy-dovies are Ramses, a 2 year-old Malinois mix, and Kheops, a 10 months old Kangal mix. Ramses is a source of concern, as he tested positive for Leishmania, when he was a puppy, has a heart malformation, and mild liver failure. He was in poor condition when we got him, but cooked homemade food, and raw liver, got him back in shape in no time.

A month ago, I switched to raw food, and I must say there is a visible difference in Ramses' energy level. He used to tire easily and was not willing to play with Kheops very often, now he's the one going after Kheops to play, and doesn't seem to tire at all.

So here are my 2 babies :

And as you can see, they have a very tough life...

This next one show them doing their favorite activity, watching the cats next door. The one on the left was taken in Jebruary, when Kheops was about 3 months old, the other one was taken in May, when he was about 7 months old

And this is what we do several times/week :
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