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Older dog behavior changed with the new dog

We just adopted a 1yr English bulldog male. We already have an 8 year old Labrador, who is highly intelligent and well trained. The new dog is not trained at all and behaves very poorly. We are trying our best to train him now. The dogs were introduced and seem to ignore each other. They do not fight and I don’t see any obvious dominating traits in either. My older dog seems to be depressed; almost not ever leaving her cannel (this is where she feels most secure). She comes when we call but immediately goes back in her cannel. She comes out only when he is crated. She also seems to react to all the commands we are trying to teach the other dog. Since we are now frequently saying “No”, “Stay” etc… she seems to think we are addressing her, even though we are not. The older dog has cancer; we are trying to make her last months /years as comfortable as possible. She is very cuddly and loveable and seeing her so depressed and almost fearful breaks our hearts. Please help.
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