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Originally Posted by Anjohl View Post
I started introducing this to my dog over the summer with great results. Jagger has taken to the long, sausage-looking Roll Over food with noticable results.

First off, he is enthusiastic about the food....he drools from both sides of his mouth when I am preparing it.

Secondly, *I* have noticed that his coat, energy levels, and elimination have all improved since I switched him semi-regularly to Roll Over.

Thirdly, as esoteric as this may sound, I can tell the food is high quality by the *feel* of it. It reminds me of a Kelloggs Vector Bar or Protein Bar in texture and density.

Lastly, it's a lot more convenient than a raw meat diet, or other preperation-heavy diets, but still is a lot better for him than *any* commerical kibble. Dogs are *not* meant to eat kibble regularly, it's the equivilent of a human eating Pizza every day. Jagger loves Roll Over, and so do I!
Hi im new here and i just bought some rollover first time. how do you prepare this food do you bake it or just cut it up in to the dry food? or give it alone? what kind of dry food do you give your dogs? k thank you!
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