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Senior Rat Terriers Available for Adoption (Vancouver BC)

Name: STITCH Age: 9

Name: MILO Age: 11

Name: SASSY Age: 11

Sex:Neutered Male & Spayed Female

Color: White & Black

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Cats: Yes Possibly

Rat Terriers are quite active, easily trained, sociable, loving & loyal. Playful with family. Ratties tend to closely bond to their family and like to be with their people at all times. Ratties are a very affectionate breed and prefer to sit on or with you and cuddle at any opportunity. Many Rattie owners report that since getting a Rattie, they have never been to the washroom alone again! Protective of their home and family.

With Children: Yes, very protective & loving of children it lives with, a Rattie's playful, affectionate and inquisitive nature make them good family dogs. Children and Ratties should be taught how to interact with each other and supervised at all times, not a tolerant breed of rough or inappropriate handling and particularly small Ratties can easily be hurt. As typical terriers, Ratties are not a breed well suited to very young children or toddlers, an exception may be experienced terrier households.

Pets: Yes, except small animals in most cases, some Ratties have more prey drive than others, some may not be able to be around cats, small animals or birds, and some may be just fine. As Ratties were a breed developed to kill small animals, for the most part if your family includes birds, or other small animals, a Rat Terrier may not be for you.

If you are interested in adopting them please fill out an application at

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