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Austrailian Shep/Cross available for adoption (Vancouver, BC)

Name: Amigo
Age: 6 yrs old

Sex:Neutered Male

Color: Black

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Cats: Yes

Amigo is totally the sweet amazing soul that he looks like. Nothing to fix in this dog. He has awesome manners. Loves humans. Loves to give you kisses. Loves to please his humans by listening and doing whatever they ask. He currently lives with Brigette - his best buddy and adoptive sister and 6 small dogs and one hairless cat. His mom has always opened her home to dogs in need. She is having to move from the beautiful 5 acres they are used to, to a small apartment. Amigo loves his property. He is very well behaved and would never dream of digging in your garden. He just loves to lounge around and watch Brigette amuse herself with her ball. He watches her run and run while finding himself a cool, comfy spot under a tree in the shade! He loves his wide open space. He does love to sleep with his adoptive sister together on their dog bed. He is an inside dog at night time. He would love to be able to take his sister Brigette with him. They are very bonded and with this pair the old saying "two dogs are easier than one" totally rings true.

If you would like to adopt Amigo & Bridgette please visit our website and fill out an adoption application

More on Amigo
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